Cardio Tonic Elixir
Cardio Tonic Elixir
19.00 - 36.00
Hawthorn & wild rose, two of nature's most beloved cardiac tonics, blend with lemongrass, gotu kola & astragalus for the tastiest heart medicine you've ever had. Hawthorn strengthens the heart muscle, gently lowers blood pressure, & is known to prevent heart attacks & stroke. Rose is wonderfully protective of the heart, both energetically & physically. Lemongrass & gotu kola encourage healthy circulation, while astragalus, a cardiotonic & adaptogen, nourishes the circulatory system.
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While there are many herbs that can have effects on the cardiovascular system, not all of them are safe for those on heart medications or who have had heart surgery. This blend has been thoughtfully created to be safe for anyone who wishes to protect & tonify their heart & vascular system, though checking with your trusted practitioner is always recommended. Start by taking 1 tablespoon 3x a day, for three months, after which point you may reduce to once or twice a day.

INGREDIENTS: filtered water, Tennessee honey, *hawthorn berries, wild rose extract, wild rose infused vinegar, *astragalus, *lemongrass, *gotu kola *organic ingredient

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