SALE 40% OFF Wild Crafted Cocktail Bitters
SALE 40% OFF Wild Crafted Cocktail Bitters
These three varieties of cocktail bitters each have a truly unique flavor thanks to the wild harvested flowers and herbs combined with traditional herbal bittering agents. They can really level up a simple cocktail, or be used straight on the tongue to improve digestion and ease discomfort after a large meal.

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The Mimosa & Grapefruit bitters are the lightest and more floral option, which blends well with tropical flavors like pineapple or clear spirits. Try it in your favorite gin or tiki drink!

Ingredients: Extracts of wildcrafted mimosa flower, elderflower, & mint, extracts of organic grapefruit peel and rose petals. 


The Sweet Woodruff & Dandelion Bitters have a rich flavor and warm spices, reminiscent of fresh cinnamon rolls. The dandelion root imparts a gentle bitterness that isn't overpowering, which blends well whiskey drinks. Try in in an old fashioned or a bourbon punch. 

Ingredients: Extracts of wildcrafted sweet woodruff, dandelion root & honeysuckle flowers, extract of organic tulsi.


The Fennel, Ginger and Chamomile Bitters are the most warming, most potent, and most reminiscent of traditional cocktail bitters. Try this version if Peychaud's is your thing, or if you want a little something to improve digestion & post meal indigestion. Can be used in drinks or straight on the tongue.

Ingredients: Extracts of organic grapefruit peel, chamomile, fennel seed, fenugreek & ginger. 


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