Antioxidant Face Oil
28.00 - 52.00
A very light and emollient face oil to moisturize and protect the skin. Antioxidants astaxanthin and blue tansy may help repair damaged skin and protect from further damage caused by oxidation. The base oils, jojoba and meadowfoam seed oil, soak into the skin very quickly and do not leave a heavy, greasy feeling. This potent skin elixir will instantly brighten up your complexion, leaving your face feeling hydrated, not sticky. A little goes a long way, a few drops is all you need. Don't forget to use on the backs of your hands, neck, chest and any other areas continually exposed to the sun!
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INGREDIENTS: Organic Meadowfoam Seed Oil, Organic Jojoba Oil, Astaxanthin, Blue Tansy Essential Oil 
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