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    wandering around Southern Appalachia: exploring wellness through foraging, herb & flower medicine, yoga, food, drink & other fun adventures

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    Floral Cocoa Mixes
    Winter is Coming Moisturizing Cream
    28.50 - 54.50
    Stinging Nettle Allergy Elixir
    Sore Throat Spray
    Bright Sunshiney Day Elixir
    Dude, Chill Elixir
    Herbal Tea & Infusion Blends
    Yarrow & Neem Toner Spray
    Floral Salt
    Brain Boost Elixir
    Deep Healing Skin Balm
    28.50 - 52.00
    Antioxidant Face Oil
    28.00 - 52.00
    Plantain & Lavender Herb & Clay Face Mask Powder
    32.00 - 58.00
    Yarrow and Bentonite Clay Face Mask Powder
    32.00 - 58.00
    Violet Leaf & Rose Face Mask Powder
    32.00 - 58.00
    Goldenrod Allergy Elixir
    28.00 - 52.00
    Elderberry & Lemon Immunity Elixir
    Foraged Flower Syrups
    26.50 - 48.50

    check out these upcoming classes or book a private event

    Herbal Infusions Workshop

    Stay tuned for the next class date!


    Herbal infusions are a simple and cost effective way to incorporate herbs into your lifestyle. Infusions are like superfoods, but without all the hype (and therefore none of the price markups)! By drinking herbal infusions, anyone can nourish their body, and build health in a safe, sustainable way. In this class we will learn all the basics about herbal infusions: how to make them, which herbs to use, what the benefits of each herb are, how they compare to expensive herbal supplements, and why herbal infusions might be the beneficial in caring for the health of you and your family. We will taste infusions made with 5 different herbs, take part in the process step by step, and you will go home with all the supplies you need to begin making infusions right away! If you are interested in hosting a private workshop for you and your friends, please send an email!

    Crafting Herbal Cocktails Workshop

    Stay tuned for the next class date!

    Cocktail crafting has roots in herbal medicine. Learn how different herbal preparations are used to create a balanced, delicious and wild crafted cocktail! You will learn some of the history of common cocktail ingredients, taste different herbal preparations, sample some favorite recipes, and craft your own herbal cocktails with fresh herbs, infusions and ingredients made by Meg! Enjoy a fun and laid back event as we sip and chat about herbs and drinks! Alcohol free options are available as well. There will be time for answering any herbal questions you may have at the end of the class. If you are interested in hosting a private workshop for you and your friends, please send me an email!


    come shop in person!

    Retropolitan Craft Fair

    Sunday, November 24th

    One of Knoxville's best craft fairs! Come shop from 11am-6pm at The Mill & Mine.

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